Mineral fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers to feed the plants!

Our production tool enables us to produce on demand, granules fertilizer for manual and mechanical spreading and water soluble fertilizers for fertigation.
This range, made from high quality raw materials supplied by world leaders in the sector, is perfectly adapted to the specific needs of NPK agriculture in humid tropical climate.

Our NPK fertilizers are enriched at farmers' request and based on soil-leeves analysis, as well as magnesium,trace elements, humic and fulvic acids analysis. For long cycle crops and perennial crops, our granules can be produced from raw material coated so as to ensure controlled release of nitrogen and/or phosphorus and potash.

Granule fertilizers

This range is tailored to the specific needs of tropical agriculture. Made from quality raw materials supplied by world leaders in the sector, the mixture of granulated fertilizers need to be spread regularly at the base of each plant. In all cases, to ensure optimum feeding of the culture, fertilizers will be developed based on the chemical and physical parameters of the soil and biochemical parameters of the plant.

Mineral amendments

Mineral amendments, to maintain the qualities of the soil!

We select different minerals depending on their calcium, magnesium and phosphorus contents, but also on the speed of carbonic solubility and their neutralizing values, so that to offer farmers a wide range of minerals amendments to maintain the chemical equilibrium and structure of cultivated soils.

Mineral amendments

Maintaining and increasing preformances necessarily involve conserving and improving soil fertility. The structure of soil stability is essential. It allows the possibility to limit the phenomena of slaking and erosion. This stability is based on a balance between the clay content, humus and calcium. So this calcium improves the structural stability of soil and thus promotes the permeability to water and air, the soil-working and root penetration.

Amendments neutralize soil acidity and promote the exchange of nutrients for the plant. Maintaining the pH within certain limits, (5.8 and 6.8), is necessary to assimilate nutrient and for the proliferation of a microbial flora, favorable to decomposition, humidification and mineralization of organic matter.

In partnership with BVB Substrates, SCIC sells compost.

The specifications of our compost is available in our 'Downloads' area.

The contribution of organic amendments and/or calcium improves soil fertility. All amendments data and safety data sheets are available in our 'Downloads' area.

Fertilizers and organic amendments


Organic Fertilizers and Amendments, to feed soil life

Elaborate NPK formulas in order to nurish plants is pointless if the crop support isn't taken cared either, and that support is the soil!
We offer a wide range of organic fertilizers and amendments, noble and varied to meet all the issues encountered on our islands.

Organic Fertilizers

We are recently developing organic fertilizers with a 100% vegetable base : ' Régénor '. Organic fertilizers help provide organic matter and nutrients. We offers autorized formulations in organic farming.

Recently, SCIC develops organic fertilizers whose base ('Régénor') is 100% vegetable. Organic fertilizers help provide organic matter and nutrients. We offers autorized formulations in organic farming.

Biostimulants and trace elements


Biostimulants and trace elements

We offer a range of liquid NPK fertilizers for foliar application, correctors of deficiencies and biostimulants to refine our customer fertilization plans. We have carefully selected our trace elements cocktails, so they are perfectly suited to the type of West Indian-Guyanese soil.

Biostimulants are mostly composed of trace elements, amino acids and plant hormones of animal or vegetable origin. They make plants more resistant to external aggressions (pests, parasites, diseases) by strengthening their health capital. They can be used during cultivation. Application is generally by foliar spray or through irrigation.

Biostimulants also promotes plant growth by increasing photosynthesis. They alter the hormonal balances within culture correcting various soil deficiencies.

All of our bio-stimulants and trace elements technical data sheets are available in the 'Downloads' area.

Plant protection


Plant protection, to care for plants

We propose to professional farmers, a range of plant protection products registered for tropical and vegetable cultures.
We got our approval for the distribution of plant protection products to professional users the 1rst October 2013 (approval MA00004)

Plant protection products

SCIC Martinique is registered under the registration number MA00004 for distribution of plant protection products.

Because plants are also sensitive to parasites, we have developed a partnership with quality suppliers of plant protection products in order to cover most of your needs. Our product range perfectly meets the demands of tropical agriculture.
All the technical and safety data sheets sheets are available in the 'Downloads' area.

We remind you that it is essential to use products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry, and always be protected, from preparation to processing, until the latter is completed (combination + mask + gloves!).

Vegetable seeds

Vegetable seeds

You will find in our stores a selection of vegetable seeds adapted to our soil and climate conditions.

 Field prestation service

Banana root borer extermination service

Banana root borer extermination service

We offer since 2010 a service to the field for the management of banana root borer (weevil) by organic trap.
The banana root borer is a historic pest of banana plantations. Biological control by sequestration, through Sordidine, aggregation pheromone, has proved its worth, but is restrictive because it requires constant interventions in the field (hence available staff) and rigorous monitoring.
To get rid of those banana root borer, we offer a full support.
The parcels of the farm are surveyed and the traps georeferenced to monitor populations. The devices are adjusted regularly to be adapted to changing populations. Weevils are collected each month and counted one by one. The pheromones, changed regularly. A report is submitted monthly to the planter.

Sampling analysis service


Soil-leeves sampling analysis service

Our field service has a team of technicians, regularly trained, who realize the extraction of soil and leaves and the sampling. The samples are analyzed by our accredited laboratory partner COFRAC. The results are collected, synthesized and distributed to farmers.
We offer, on request, the recommendations and fertilization plans for the management of your agricultural production.
For more information or a request for intervention, contact our advisory services..