Today, SCIC is committed to guarantee the best. We make your concerns our priority.

SCIC Martinique and SCIC Guadeloupe are more than ever recognized in the French West Indies and French Guyana as serious and competent partners in the supply of fertilizers and pesticides as well as in the agronomic advices in the humid tropics farming.

Maintain the trust you have placed in our companies for many years is crucial. For this we give particular importance to your satisfaction and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. This requires continuous improvement of our internal organization, our skills and our level of versatility; perfecting the quality of our services and our external communication.

Our motto: Satisfaction, Quality, Safety, Environment, Performance

The performance of our factories: a guaranteed expertise.

The mixing units of our factories in Martinique and Guadeloupe call in the latest technologies in this field. The quality of assays and electronic weighing is always guaranteed by empowered independent bodies. Our products are periodically analyzed by an accredited laboratory COFRAC (

Our production: availability and standing reactivity throughout the year.

A storage capacity of 18,000 tons in Martinique and 8000 tons to Guadeloupe, four production workshops and 8500 square meters of buildings on both sites enable us to ensure an annual production capacity of about 50 000 tons.

A service that lives up to your expectations.

The industrial tool we have allows us to offer the widest possible range of fertilizers and amendments and thus provide each of our customers fertilization solution corresponding to its needs. We guarantee a further provision of orders within 72 hours. Finally, our full range of crop protection products complete our offer and bring solutions to the problems encountered in the fields.

A packaging according to your needs.

SCIC offers a complete range of packaging, exclusively in POLYPROPYLENE bags lined with POLYETHYLENE, for foolproof resistance. Our products can be proposed on pallets of 25 kg bags, on pallets or slings and BIG BAG of 500 to 1200 kg (depending on the fertilizer density).